Review- Our Miss Fred (1972)

Review- Our Miss Fred (1972)

Drag act Danny La Rue was one of the highest-paid entertainers in the UK in the early 70s. Our Miss Fred was a film written specifically as a vehicle for him.


The film concerns a classically trained actor, Fred Wimbush who is asked to entertain the troops with his drag act in France during World War 2.

Whilst there France is captured by the Germans who actually let Fred go as they think he is a woman. He fears that he will be shot as a spy if they discover his secret and so must remain as a woman until he can escape the country and get back to England. He takes refuge in an English all-girls finishing school where he finds that they are hiding an escaped airman (named Smallpiece which shows the kind of innuendo that is a very welcome staple of the film).


La Rue’s only appearance in the world of film is surprisingly low-key and very endearing. I love the fact that it looks like vaseline has been smeared over the camera lens whenever La Rue has a close-up.

The double entendres come thick and fast and are very funny. There’s also great support from Lance Percival (Smallpiece) and Frances De La Tour who would later appear as Miss Jones in the classic comedy series Rising Damp.


The sequence in which La Rue leads a rousing version of Hitler’s Only Got One Ball (!) was cut from the original film release so that it would secure an A certificate from the BBFC. Subsequent releases would be uncut and this sequence would be placed back in.

3.5 stars out of 5