I watched Fatal Attraction yesterday for the first time since I first saw it in the late 80’s on home video.

fatal attraction - cinema quad movie poster (1).jpg

The film ranges from being a brilliantly directed New York flick to being a thinly drawn slasher movie.
I loved the shots of Alex (Glenn Close) when she’s in full psycho mode wearing her floor length black coat with her wild frizzy blonde hair. The long shots of her make her look like the supernatural villain from a Japanese ghost movie.


The ending lets the film down as the material feels thin and is pure Hollywood.
The mark of a film that has made it’s mark on the public consciousness is that an expression adapted from the movie becomes part of our language. The term ‘bunny boiler’ comes from Fatal Attraction. The film obviously struck a nerve.

A good film but not as great as Play Misty For Me.

3 stars out of 5


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