The latest entry in the Confessions franchise sees Timmy Lea change occupations yet again and becoming a driving instructor. Along the way, there are plenty of ‘birds’ for him to have sexy adventures with.

confessions of a driving instructor - cinema quad movie poster (

As is customary in these films, there are usually actresses who went onto bigger things who play a prominent part within the cast. This time around its future Oxo mum and Loose Woman Lynda Bellingham. Lynda, unfortunately, died of cancer a few years ago after releasing a book about her journey from diagnosis to treatment. R.I.P. Lynda.


The gags here are just as juvenile, Benny Hill-esque and low-brow as they are in the previous entries. Which meant that I loved this film just as much as I did the other films. Yet again, there are plenty of outdoor shots which gives the film a fantastic time capsule feel.

Windsor Davies, Irene Handl and George Layton are also part of the cast this time round. Lewis Collins also has a non-speaking role.


Watch out for the aquarium scene. It’s too funny.

PLEASE bring Timmy Lea’s (s)exploits to Blu-Ray.

4 stars out of 5


2 thoughts on “Review- Confessions of a Driving Instructor (1976)

  1. You’re winning me over. I wrote quite a disparaging piece about the Adventures films when the dropped on Prime during the early stages of the pandemic. But I can’t help agreeing that a blu ray box would be welcome. As you say, the local color in the outdoors shots captures something naive and hopeful in the British psyche. I love the parody of these films, Confessions of a Door to Door Cucumber Salesman, the madcap frolic in the middle of the suburban street as the credits roll. The idea of sensational goings on behind net curtains. Maybe these films are unfashionable now, but they have genuine historical interest.

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    1. I’m moving onto the Adventures films next.
      I love the Confessions films humour and side gags but, as you noted, the outside shots and time capsule aspects of the films as well. Blu Rays would be amazing. I wonder if the Carry On movies are on Blu Ray…


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