My love of horror films started when I was young. As I wasn’t old enough to see these films at my local cinema I took to gazing endlessly at the posters and lobby cards for them outside my local Odeon as I basked in their depictions of fear, terror and sadism. I was lucky enough to be born in 1975 and so I grew up when many classics of the genre were released at the cinema and then found their way onto the new medium of home video.

Any time after 9pm TV spots (short trailers for films made specifically for television) would be shown- and they certainly didn’t disappoint! I still remember watching the TV spot for The Shining when I was 5 years old. All of the most frightening and disturbing elements of the film distilled into 30 secs. I didn’t sleep for several nights after this.

It was a very twisted trip down memory lane when I discovered this on YouTube-

Its great to see that TV spots were also made for the many horror double bills that were shown. The posters for these provided even more sleepless nights for me.

I first saw the poster for this double bill when I was about 4. Its still traumatises me today. Both classic films
One of the best film posters for one of the best double bills ever
And hows this for a brilliant pairing? 

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