I’ve just watched This Movie Is Not Yet Rated. What a brilliant documentary this is. An examination of the MPAA- an organisation wherein the raters aren’t identified, the criteria for classifying a movie aren’t clear and where studio films receive feedback but independent films don’t. Corrupt, fascist, archaic.

And I thought us Brits had it bad with the BBFC.

Great interviews with the likes of John Waters and Trey Parker show what its like to be on the receiving end of receiving the dreaded NC-17. This rating is the kiss of death as it means no marketing for your movie, no theaters will show it and the largest video stores won’t stock it. The film then compares similar scenes from movies made by big studios that received an R rating and those made by independent studios that received an NC-17. Unbelievable.


The maker of this film hires a private investigator to expose the members of the not just the MPAA but also their appeal committee. All are rightfully named and shamed.

I thought it would be unconstitutional to deny a filmmaker their freedom of speech. I was wrong.


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