An abusive headmaster at a French boarding school is vile to both his wife and mistress. Both decide to team together to put paid to him for good.

And thats all I’m going to tell you on this film. There are enough genius twists and turns to delight the most ardent horror/thriller fan. To say anymore would be diabolical (see what I did there?)


An amazing cast (especially the directors wife Vera Clouzot as the sparrow-like wife and Simone Signoret as the uber-cool mistress) are amazingly directed by the master Henri-Georges Clouzot. In fact after making Wages of Fear, Clouzot optioned the rights to this film to make sure a certain Mr Alfred Hitchcock didn’t get his mitts on it. And you can see why.


Watch this film, absorb every glorious detail and marvel at the conclusion. But don’t tell anyone 😉

Genius. 5 out of 5.


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