I first saw The Howling 3 in 1989 on home video and thought ‘What the hell was that?!’

I saw it again today and again thought ‘What the hell was that?!’

The utter insanity of The Howling 3

The film is a curio for sure. It bears no relation (except by name) to the other films in the franchise and feels more like a standalone movie. It’s a gloriously zany and quirky slice of Ozploitation and even features some Prisoner Cell Block H cast members (I see you Nola McKenzie!) We also get a glorious Dame Edna Everage cameo.

Rita The Beater and Nola McKenzie from Prisoner Cell Block H
We even get a cameo from the great Dame Edna

Bizarre, left-field but never boring.
I must compile a list of my favourite messed-up horror sequels. The Howling 3 will feature for sure.

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