I watched the brilliant Manhunter last night. It was a film I regularly saw on the video shop shelves in the late 80’s but never rented. My loss.
I love Manhunter. All of the Michael Mann touches are here- the perfect framing, the use of slow-mo, the soft rock guitar soundtrack to name but a few ingredients.
I love the plot as well with The Tooth Fairy being a brilliant character. I also love William Petersen’s empath cop who can read the minds of psychopaths but risks the thoughts destroying his mental health.
Whilst I love Silence of the Lambs, I think I prefer Manhunter. Brian Cox’s Hannibal Lecter is low key compared to the Hollywood gloss of Anthony Hopkins’ take on the character. Cox isn’t giving speeches about census takers and Chianti whilst winking at the Oscar committee. And he’s better because of it.
4.5 stars out of 5

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