In this final instalment of the Confessions series Timmy Lea has decided to give up the promiscuous trysts with ‘crumpet’ and enters a monastery instead. Just kidding. In this Confessions movie, our heroes Timmy and Sid are working at the Funfrall Holiday Camp. The new manager (John Junkin) is very strict and has ordered Sid to make the beauty contest a roaring success or Sid and Timmy will be fired. Sid asks Timmy to comb the camp for appropriate beauties to enter the contest (of all the people he could have given such a task). He also asks Timmy to keep it in his pants to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations he could be caught in.

confessions from a holiday camp - cinema quad movie poster (1).j
Original Cinema Quad Poster – Movie Film Posters

The theme song for this film is ‘Give Me England’ by none other than renowned 70’s pop group The Wurzels (previous hits include I’m A Cider Drinker and I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester).


Another feature of Confessions From A Holiday Camp is that there are gay and trans characters. Lance Percival plays a fabulous camp colleague of Timmy’s. He puts the camp in holiday camp.

Sample line of dialogue- Timmy approaches a woman with a beauty contest application form- ‘I’d like to enter you (pause) in the beauty contest!’ No, it’s not Pinter but it made me laugh out loud.


The young boy who played Tristan in George and Mildred stars here as a mischievous young scamp. We see him making farting sounds with a balloon as campers are touching their toes during an exercise class.


Confessions From A Holiday Camp is just as funny as the previous entries, the sight gags are just as well executed and the camp quotient is just as high. The only bone (pun not intended) of contention for me is which Confessions film I love the most.

4 stars out of 5


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