I rewatched Reanimator again today for the first time in years. The memories came flooding back…
I originally saw it a few years after it was originally released here in the UK as there was a (cut) midnight screening at a soulless multiplex near my house in the late 80’s. I phoned my friend to see if he would be interested in coming along and he said that his Dad could drive us there. There was only one catch- his Dad would be coming to see the film with us so that he could drive us back after the end of the film. I warned him to tell his Dad what kind of film this was and that it was supposed to be really gross and gory (two qualities I *love* regarding the kind of cinema I go in for). He said that his Dad was fine with this.
His Dad spent the entire film chuckling at the film. At one point a character said something like ‘I can’t believe this is happening!’ to which my friend’s Dad blurted out ‘You and me both!’ which made the entire audience burst out laughing at his remark. I don’t think Reanimator converted him to the splatter genre but his remark made him a few converts that night within the film’s audience. My friend and I loved the movie though.
Did it stand up still when I watched it today? Yes. Some parts could have been better executed but hey this is low budget horror with a tight budget and a tight schedule. These moments were few and far between though I’m pleased to say.
Reanimator is still as gory, gross, outrageously funny and original as when I first saw it at the Warner Village multiplex in York here in the UK at that midnight screening.
4 out of 5 stars.
P.S. Here in the UK there was even controversy regarding the severed head on the original US poster for the film. On the UK quad poster the head is turned around so that it’s face can’t be seen (see below)
The American poster with the severed head’s face on view…
..and the British cinema poster with the severed head turned around so that it’s face isn’t on view

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